Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tomatoes only Pasta

I only have tomatoes & pasta in the fridge & i'm hungry

- Tomatoes
- garlic & onion 
- spaghetti pasta
- cooking oil/ olive oil
- oregano leaves (i just spotted in the garden)

1. Heat oil;
2. Sautee garlic + onion;
3. then add the tomatoes
4. Let it cook for around 10mins:

5. I saw some oregano plant outside in the garden so i pluck some leaves washed it & baked it in the oven toaster:

 So the oregano leaves became crispy brown after i toast it in the oven..

When the tomato is soft & cooked it will become sauce; crush the oregano leaves in your hand to the sauce. Season with salt & pepper, or whatever you like, to taste.

Add into cooked pasta, add cheese and enjoy tomato spaghetti meal

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